Monday, August 1, 2016

Rock 20

We ended up getting this for two reasons, it's good for beginners (easy to sail) and it's cheap (it's a "fixer upper"). Basic details about the boat: 7.30m long, 2.25m wide, depalcement 1400kg, masts' height 9.2m, depth 1.2m, built 1970.
There's enough room for 4 persons to sleep in it and loads of storage here and there. There's no fridge nor a toilet and most of the interior has to be remade. Already started with the electronics however that has now for some reason broke down, getting replacement parts on warranty tho. The list of things that needs to be done and modifications that we'll make is long, it's close to a mile-long so I'm not going to go in to that at this point. We'll make a list when we start working on the boat, but it needs to come out of the water first.

Anyhow, the handling of the boat is good, the sailing properties are good too even tho tacking would be way better if our sails would be newer. In good winds (+6m/s) we can get up to 4-5knots and so far our top speed has been 7.5knots, however that was in pretty extreme winds. Personally I wouldn't go out if the gusts go over 14m/s. The boat rocks n rolls in larger waves, even tho it's not that bad, it steers well and it doesn't even feel like there would be any risk what so ever of tipping over.